Archive for March 2020

No matter where you live, War of Ages has played your town. They are one of the hardest working bands in metalcore, and have carved out quite the care...View Details

Are chaotic metal bands compatible with progressive metal? That is the main question going into a discussion about Car Bomb. They do everything they c...View Details

Tantrum of the Muse was undoubtedly one of the most insane and controversial bands to come out of the Christian heavy music scene in the late 90s and ...View Details

Sometimes a band reaches a fever pitch in popularity to where they become a meme. The sad part is that no matter how good that band is they can someti...View Details

We decided that it was time to give Pantera the episode they deserve. What better way to do that than with the “Pantera historian” himself Joshua Toom...View Details

This week on Discography Discussion we go off the beaten path and talk about hip hop artist NF. We discuss the “real” nature of NF’s lyrics and the st...View Details

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